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After realizing that I haven't done a good, solid update in a hella… 
26th-Aug-2009 04:36 am
After realizing that I haven't done a good, solid update in a hella long time. So it's going to be one of those bulleted/lj-cut style updates. :)

Dad is doing really well since his bypass surgery. He's going to physical therapy twice a week and looks much better than he did before. Dad's driving again and it makes life a lot easier for all of us now that he can take himself where he wants to go. :)

Mom managed to dislocate her elbow at Buckeye Lake by trying to fall into the lake after her fish. :p All kidding aside, we're all glad that she hit the support post rather than actually fall into the water. Aside from some stiffness, she's fine.

My brother managed to get a screwdriver stuck in his eye, but the doctors think that they can save his sight as long as he follows directions and keeps it clean and covered.

I've been feeling like it's time to get back to studying, going to services, and call the Temple. I also need to write a letter of sorts to Mom and my sister to talk about my study of Judaism and possibly wanting to convert. I'm at the point where I can't imagine going forward without being open and honest with my family and myself.

D and I are back together and I think that while things aren't the same as before, we're talking more now which is good.

I'll add more after work. Morning all.
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