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Come on in and stay awhile...
weight loss, sleep, and the upcoming b-day. 
18th-Mar-2009 09:26 am
Earlier this fall I weighed in at 284, which is the most I've weighed in a while. By February I was down to around 279 and currently down to 266. I'm pretty pleased with myself and am loosing about two pounds a week. I'm using a combination of weight watchers online and sparkpeople.com, which seems to be working. If nothing else, it's forcing me to acknowledge what I'm eating. What I have to be careful of is not eating enough. I've got a bad habit of trying to cut too much out of my daily intake. I tend to be like "Hah! I didn't need all of my points/calories today!" which of course isn't good for the blood sugar, being a diabetic. Am hoping to get out and do some walking now that the weather is nice. Also considering getting a stationary bike for the apartment. Bill has suggested getting a bike and hitting the park, but I'll have work up to that.

I have however, not been able to stay awake for the life of me at work. Probably should get back to going to bed at a decent hour.

Tomorrow I will be 31. Honestly there are days where I think I'd forget my b-day if someone didn't remind me. I will be working and going to group. How exciting! ;) I am however going to a Cavs game on Saturday. Yay!
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