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I seem to not update as much as I could, and that's partially due to… 
19th-Jan-2009 07:32 pm
I seem to not update as much as I could, and that's partially due to the fact that I've been feeling rather blah lately. Not that anything is wrong per se, I've just been in a "not really caring about certain things" sort of mood. I guess you could say that avoidance has been very frequent for me lately. Things I don't want to do are being pushed back to the back burner which means that I actually end up doing more work than if I'd just done whatever it was the first time. Current assignment for the week is pulling my head out of my ass and getting stuff done.

I've been in a cooking mood lately, and interested in busting out the new slow cooker I got for Christmas from my parents. I'm thinking about doing pulled pork, potatoes, and green beans for the weekend. We'll see though.

Job is going well, aside from car problems due to cold weather I've been getting to work on time, which is a very good thing as I don't need more points! Vacation time has been submitted and I'm all set for the family and friends cruise in July. I'm really looking forward to it, but need to get my (and my nephew's) passport paperwork started. We'll be visiting CoCo/Cay Bahamas and Nassau.

Relationship is good, though I think I need to find a balance between boyfriend time, friend time, and going to Temple time. Sort of feels like I'm pulling in several different directions and not giving everyone my full attention. Or at least as much attention as I think I should be giving. David and I are going to a party on Saturday which should be fun. I'm glad I gave it a chance though, it's definitely been one of the highlights of the year. We also have profiles up on fetlife (if you're kink minded) which has been good for information and chatting with like minded people.

That's it for now, I'm off to watching Good Eats and/or Property Virgins on HGTV. :-D
26th-Jul-2009 05:36 pm (UTC)
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